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April 4, 2006 / Toby Dayton

Twin Cities Jobs Papers Down to 3

When JobDig launched its Twin Cities edition of JobDig, it was the 6th printed jobs newspaper in the market. Daily newspapers included the Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press, while the weekly jobs papers included Trader’s Employment Guide, The Twin Cities Business Journal’s Employment Weekly, The Employment News, and JobDig. With the recent sale of Knight Ridder to McClatchy, at least until McClatchy announces the sale of the Pioneer Press to a new buyer, the number of entities printing jobs newspapers in the Twin Cities is now down to 3. The Employment Weekly closed its doors within 2 months of JobDig’s entry into the market and earlier this year, the Employment News was purchased by Knight Ridder after struggling financially for over a year. And now, for the time being, the Pioneer Press has been purchased by McClatchy. While time will tell how the recruitment advertising market will shake out and how the daily newspaper business will perform in the years ahead, the Twin Cities provides a perfect snapshot of the upheaval going on in the media, advertising, and publishing world at the moment.

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