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June 27, 2006 / Toby Dayton

…And Then There Was One Less

Though it depends somewhat upon your perspective, today stands as a significant day in the continuing transformation of the country’s media landscape. McClatchy’s $4 billion acquisition of Knight Ridder closes today and one of the nation’s most storied publishers is no more. Whether one feels sad, ambivalent, angry, happy, frightened, or chagrined, there is little doubt that the consolidation of the daily newspaper industry is not only reflective of a new era in media, but a poignant reminder of how challenging business can be and how inevitable change is in our lives. When large corporate institutions disappear, one cannot help but reflect pensively on the perpetual, callous churn of companies rising and falling. Like department stores whose glory days have come and gone, the era of daily newspapers is coming to an end. Of course, daily newspapers will always be around, in the same way that Macy’s will never go away no matter how pathetic and depressing their existence might be. But the daily newspaper’s prominent position in our lives, in our communities, and in the fabric of our culture is waning rapidly. And unless large publishers can find their own bullseye to jump onto, they too will fade off into the sunset.

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