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July 10, 2006 / Toby Dayton

I Can Recruit People Using Standard Advertisement Methods

twister_6.jpgThis post is part of the Blogswap. Guest writer Your HR Guy writes today about advertising for recruitment.

If you read the subject line and thought “Yes! Finally a post about how all this alternative sourcing is worthless!” you have been had. Newspapers and mega-job sites are losing marketshare to alternative sourcing and they aren’t adjusting their pricing accordingly. Here are the five ways you are going to source candidates in the coming decade:

1) Networking: If you do it the old fashioned way or through websites, it is going to become a bigger part of recruiting now thanks to accessibility. Making connections with people before you ever have an opening is one way to ensure a competitive advantage in a faster moving marketplace.

2) Specialty job boards: More targeted and less likely to be full of spam ads, these job boards target people who are looking in your specific industry for positions. These are usually much less expensive than the mega-job boards and offer more qualified candidates than their counterparts.

3) Blogs: More companies are moving to blogs as a way to communicate with potential customers. It only makes sense that they will be used to communicate with potential employees. A blog can give a future employee an idea about how your company works without the PR polish that a job ad or corporate website has. In other words, it feels more genuine.

4) Pay-per-click and Search Marketing: Search and PPC aren’t going away, so it’s time to optimize and consider PPC ads for targeted keywords. If this isn’t something you are willing to consider, you should at least go for a specialty job board which captures those specific search terms and has people click on to their site.

5) Targeted publications: Targeting to industry or regional employment-specific publications is one way to get through the clutter. When newspapers give you circulation rates as a justification for the price of exposure, it ignores the fact that it is such a broad channel and considering a typical Sunday newspaper has hundreds of pages of print, it is better to simply go for publications where you either know a person is in your industry or you know a person is searching for a job.

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  1. Gabby VanAlstine / Jul 14 2006 1:10 pm

    As always, great info…
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