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August 1, 2006 / Toby Dayton

To Puke… or Not to Puke

twister_5.jpgThe following post represents this week’s Blog Swap Post, courtesy of Alise Cortez whose blog is it’s ALL about the experience. Her post is in response to an earlier post of mine about US Airways placing ads on its air sickness bags.

Well, I’m not surprised that airlines (like any other business) might be looking for extra revenue through advertising. I must confess, though, that the idea of placing an ad on an air sickness bag by itself turns me a bit green.

On second thought, I know that when I travel I almost always bring onboard that day’s newspaper and some work to occupy the flight time. If I am really in my planning zone, I’ll pick up a good novel and deliriously immerse myself in the world of fiction. Many times, I have the good fortune to be seated near someone with whom I can have at least some kind of stimulating conversation.

But let’s face it. Sometimes, I’ve finished the newspaper—or the contents are too dismal to continue reading. I can’t bear to read anything else related to work. And oops, I forgot to buy that novel! And there’s not an interesting conversationalist in range. Now what?

I then rifle through the contents of the seat pocket in front of me, with or without an impetus to wretch. And when I get to THAT point in a flight, I’m apt to remember just about anything that might be printed on that barf bag. The question is, will I take with me the impression that the company paid so dearly for me to have about the product or service, or will I just remember the connection with the barf bags?

Several years ago Southwest Airlines (link: www.southwestairlines.com) did a rather creative recruiting promotion (imagine that) with air sickness bags; with complete tongue in cheek, they printed a single question on the bag with a compelling call to action for the job seeker:

Sick of your job? Come work for us.

I say, in the right context and with a suitable sense of humor, bring on the advertisement.

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