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August 3, 2006 / Toby Dayton

Print’s Not Dead Yet!

Though it’s pretty much a consensus viewpoint within the broader media industry, we have long advocated a multi-media/multi-channel advertising platform at JobDig. One of our fundamental convictions has always been that companies need to leverage a variety of media vehicles in order to effectively reach their target audience. And while older media companies have spent the past few years racing to develop their strategies with newer technologies, too many web companies and even some huge media companies have consistently neglected or even scoffed at integrating print into their strategic initiatives. For that reason, two recent announcements caught my attention.

Yesterday, MTV acquired Y2M: Youth Media & Marketing, a college newspaper network, in order to better reach its target demographic. And last week, Monster Worldwide formed an alliance with Philadelphia Media Holdings, owner of the two major daily newspapers in that market. While daily newspapers have justifiably taken a beating in the past few years, the fact remains that print continues to be a significant component of most people’s media consumption. The two announcements further confirm the fact that as the media and advertising world continues to become increasingly fragmented, companies are going to have to have a presence across the entire media spectrum, including print, in order to remain competitive.

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