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August 10, 2006 / Toby Dayton

Gannett’s Predatory Distribution Tactics Also Occurring In Montana

David Crisp, writing for the free weekly Billings Outpost, details the predatory distribution tactics of both Gannett and Lee Enterprises in cities throughout Montana in a story entitled Big Companies Put The Squeeze On Free Papers. Obviously, big monopolist daily papers have decided that their best hope for survival is to crush competition by restricting the ability of free papers to get their publications into the hands of readers. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the efforts to restrict access to distribution locations are not just isolated, overly aggressive distribution managers, but indicative of organized, conscious, and deliberate corporate policies.

As I have said before, we absolutely understand and welcome competition. We will compete effectively on the quality of our services, the value proposition we present to our clients, the cost-effectiveness of the results we deliver to our advertisers, and the quality and convenience of the product we deliver to our readers. If the dailies choose to ignore those aspects of their business and compete against us solely in the areas around distribution, that’s fine. We cannot control their reaction to the erosion in market share they are experiencing.

What is unacceptable is that some of the tactics they are relying on cross the line of fair competition. Stealing competitors’ racks and distribution boxes, presenting erroneous and misleading information to store owners, and threatening establishments that carry our paper are not acceptable forms of competition. Like a wet rat backed into a corner, Gannett has decided that it will do anything to preserve its strangehold on smaller markets around the country. It’s up to companies like JobDig, The Billings Outpost, City View in Des Moines, and every other freely distributed publication in the country to adapt to the circumstances on the competitive playing field, maintain our integrity, and win through fair and honest strategies.

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