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September 11, 2006 / Toby Dayton

New York Times Bundles Classifieds With Free Daily

In a very interesting and potentially significant move, the New York Times has begun bundling its classifieds for placement in Metro New York, a freely distributed commuter daily in New York City. New York Times advertisers can upgrade their classified ads for dual placement at a reduced price and in effect, double the exposure or readership their ad receives. The Times’ circulation is 1.15 million, while Metro’s circulation, which they claim has virtually no overlap, stands at around 1 million. Upsold Times ads appearing in Metro will carry the New York Times brand and ads appearing in the Sunday edition of the Times will appear in Metro on Friday, two days before the Times’ readers see them.

While much attention has been paid to how the daily newspapers are reacting to pressure from the web, this relationship between competing print publications represents one of the first major partnerships between a paid daily and a free daily. It is a smart move and one that makes a lot of sense for both publications. The New York Times should be applauded for taking a risky yet innovative step to strengthen the value proposition it delivers to its advertisers, even though it is tacitly endorsing a competing business model in the process.

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