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September 27, 2006 / Toby Dayton

Free Circulation Magazines Deliver Excellent Advertising Results

While there just might be some bias involved, a recent study by the Magzine Publishers of America indicated that advertising in paid and unpaid copies of magazines delivered very similar results for advertisers. The study, as reported on by the Center For Media Research, found that price paid and circulation source do not in any way predict reader engagement or demographics. As well, the study concluded that differences in the way that subscribers, newsstand buyers, and public place readers respond to advertising are insignificant and that public place copies of magazines deliver substantial advertising exposure to an audience with desirable demographic qualities.

In another study by Time Inc. focused on public place magazine reading, it was determined that people who read magazines in the doctor’s office, the barbershop, the office reception area, etc., are more focused on the publication and the advertising within it, are not distracted or dividing their attention between multiple tasks, and expressed the opinion that they would be ‘upset, underserved, or bored’ if there were no magazines available to read in those types of locations. While there is no specific evidence in either of these studies relating to freely distributed newspapers, I would make the argument that the results would be very similar for alternative publications that are freely distributed in restaurants, laundromats, bus stops, movie theaters, and other similar areas where people seek reading material to pass the time.

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