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October 23, 2006 / Toby Dayton

Monster Signs Another Deal With a Local Daily Paper

Last week, Monster announced that it had signed a deal with the Akron Beacon Journal by which Monster will power the jobs section of the daily paper’s web site, Ohio.com. Monster will be replacing CareerBuilder as the co-branded jobs partner on the site. The deal is Monster’s second such agreement with a local daily newspaper, following an earlier deal with a daily paper group in Philadelphia. While terms of the deal were not released, there is little doubt that Monster is paying the Akron Beacon Journal a substantial fee to be the exclusive jobs partner on the site.

For certain, the partnership allows the daily paper to maintain its involvement in a larger jobs classified network, generate some revenue, and reduce some of the costs associated with its site by not having to develop similar functionality on its own. But in the long run, the deal with Monster further weakens the Beacon Journal’s ability to compete for local job classifieds and conditions its readers to simply go to Monster.com the next time they need to look for a job. The deal also confirms how critical it is for large national job boards to both establish a meaningful presence in local markets and develop a meaningful value proposition for lower-paying jobs. Monster has struggled in these areas and has obviously determined that partnerships with print vehicles might be the answer. While time will tell if Monster is right, the deal certainly indicates that the Beacon Journal is abandoning its jobs classified business.

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