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November 27, 2006 / Toby Dayton

Mark Cuban – Newspaper Mogul?

In the December issue of Esquire, in a small piece entitled “What I’ve Learned,” Mark Cuban shares his views on a bunch of different topics relating to his current and previous businesses. Love him or hate him, there is no question that Cuban deserves a huge amount of credit for having built a successful business and timed the dot-com bubble the way he did. Luck, business-savvy, timing, incredible insight….call it whatever you want – but there are just not that many people around who profited the way he did from that era. And unless you too have sold a business for billions, you have to admire and respect his ability to identify areas where enormous value can be created.

Along those lines, when Cuban was asked what he would do if he had more time, he answered by saying, “I’d get into places where people are so afraid right now that the economics dominate the common sense. I’d get into a business like newspapers – local newspapers. Newspapers are a perfect example of how economics dominate common sense. Contrary to popular belief, newspapers aren’t dying. Newspapers are making tons of money.” Despite the fact that most daily papers are doing a very poor job of capitalizing on it, local print publications, when you also include weeklies and alternative, niche publications, clearly enjoy a unique opportunity to deliver enormous value to both readers and advertisers. So if you expand the definition of local newspapers to include weeklies and alternative niche papers, Cuban has once again demonstrated his knack for prescient insight.

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