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November 29, 2006 / Toby Dayton

Monster Joins The Crowd Around Newspapers

Clearly I should have read my email before writing yesterday’s post. Stating that Monster should partner with newspapers quickly to fend off both the recent ascendancy of CareerBuilder and Yahoo’s announced deal with 176 daily papers was obvious enough. But it’s even more obvious when Monster had already announced such a partnership the previous day. (Not very timely advice, but at least I was right).

Monster announced Monday that they had signed deals to power the online classified sections of ‘dozens’ of newspapers around the country. The pickings, however, are getting somewhat slim, as the Bergen Record was one of the announced newspapers (I am not sure where that is). Unlike Yahoo!, however, which can add substantial value to a daily paper by promoting their partners’ local news content, Monster cannot add much value to a daily paper’s web site. In fact, I’d argue that Monster will do nothing for its partners except steal away traffic and readers.

So CareerBuilder set the high-water mark for print/online combinations with Gannett, Tribune, and Knight-Ridder (now McClatchy) actually sharing ownership in the site. Yahoo! came next in a deal with 176 papers that is basically a neutral proposition for papers (with the papers surrendering job classifieds but improving search capabilities as well as the exposure for their content). And lastly, Monster’s deal is completely lopsided in their favor at the grave expense of each newspaper partner in the deal. Like the movie Multiplicity, in which each subsequent cloned copy of Michael Keaton turns out more feeble and degraded than the last, each subsequent newspaper deal with an online job board turns out worse and worse for the papers involved. I can’t wait to see the egregious terms of the next announced deal.

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