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March 6, 2007 / Toby Dayton

Covering Little League Like It Was The Yankees

As another example of why Scripps continues to succeed while most daily newspapers have struggled, I’d point to Naplesnews.com, a Scripps newspaper website. It has focused on hyperlocal, community-centric coverage, user-generated content, and engaging features like blogs, podcasts, and online chat forums. It’s not the best designed site in the world, but it provides highly differentiated, engaging content that will not only bring readers back every day, but allow them to participate in and interact with that coverage. Most newspapers talk about this aspect of their strategy, and some have even tried it with varying degrees of success, but few have carried it off successfully. And the opportunities are clearly there. A recent Borrell study just released indicates that newspapers are doing a better job of selling local online video ads than local TV station sites. If dailies are going to become multi-media companies, and they absolutely must if they are going to survive, they could do a lot worse than emulate naplesnews.com.

Time to read the daily this morning: 7 minutes and 36 seconds

Daily recommendation for the dailies: Provide a centralized directory of all the local bloggers in a given community. Rank them, rate them, critique them, and promote them, and allow readers to do the same. Highlight different posts each day on your site and in the paper (more than just one day a week) and allow readers to find blogs they might be interested in reading. Papers can no longer talk about it, they must take steps to thoroughly engage readers and their communities in a mutually beneficial manner.

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