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March 14, 2007 / Toby Dayton

What Were You Doing At Age 17?

Despite how poorly U.S. schools have fared against other industrialized nations over the past decade, there apparently is hope that the country is still capable of developing geniuses. The winner of the Intel Science Talent Search, 17 year-old Mary Masterson, built a working spectograph at home for $300 and won a $100,000 scholarship. The device, which can identify the characteristics of particular molecules, usually costs thousands of dollars. The 2nd place project involved research around the unfolding of simple curves, and the 3rd place winner explored the mathematics of loop homology. A project on micro-RNS regression took 4th, and the 5th place project studied the effects of male hormones in a model of schizophrenia. Given my recollections of what I was doing at that age, what these kids did is impressive beyond belief. Imagine what the kids in the 18 countries ahead of the U.S. in math & science did for their national competitions.

Time to read the daily paper this mornin: 11 minutes and 3 seconds (a little longer today because of an editorial on a great movie: The Lives of Others).

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