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April 19, 2007 / Toby Dayton

Print-Online Partnerships Heavily Favor Online

In an excellent post entitled ‘Yahoo’s Coup,’ from ‘Reflections of a Newsosaur,’ Alan Mutter clearly articulates why the recent wave of print-web partnerships in the classified space so heavily favor the online side of the equation. Yahoo!, with its growing coalition of over 260 newspapers around the country, for example, is obtaining a massive, local sales force without having to pay any of the associated costs. This sales force will now, in addition to trying to sell advertising within its own media properties, be selling Yahoo’s keyword ads and online classifieds to its installed, albeit shrinking, customer base. In return, the newspapers get some traffic from Yahoo when people click on the newspaper-supplied articles and content as well as a small slice of revenue from the Yahoo ads they sell. While this may be the best the newspapers can do given their neglect of the web over the years, the imbalance inherent in these deals is a pretty good sign of the diminished role newspapers are playing in today’s media landscape. As Mutter states at the end of the post, “The danger of the Yahoo deal is that publishers might mistake the resulting revenue boost as being the franchise-saving new media strategy they have been hoping for. It is not.”

Congratulations to Cheezhead for being the only recruiting blog recognized by Human Resource Executive in their 20th Anniversary issue. It’s a nice review and well deserved. Good luck, by the way, in the Main Event.

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