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May 22, 2007 / Toby Dayton

More %$#@$%$ Ads In Airplanes!

tray-table-ads.gifWhat is it about all the ads in airports and airplanes? Already this week, I had a post about ads on baggage carousels in China, and a while back, I had a post about Southwest Airlines placing ads on barf bags. Now we have ad-sponsored content on airplane tray tables, thanks to BusinessWeek and Brand Connections. Without a doubt, seats will soon be recovered by a sponsoring advertiser, the box containing the inedible snack will have someone’s logo on it, and the window shade might even have some ads. Given the complete lack of any MIGA factor (Make It Go Away), the airlines and Brand Connections will undoubtedly be monetizing every conceivable square inch of space in the average airplane seat.

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