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July 10, 2007 / Toby Dayton

Military Veteran Job Boards Crying Foul On Monster…

Workforce Management recently reported that a number of niche job boards catering to military veterans are unhappy with the Department of Defense’s awarding of a contract to Monster’s site Military.com. Under the exclusive contract, Military.com will power a new DOD site aimed at helping veterans transition back into civilian life, TurboTAP.org. As such, all registered users will be poured into Monster’s database of jobseekers, and only listings from Monster/Military.com will be posted on the site. The niche boards, including Vetjobs.com, MilitaryHire, and CorporateGray claim that Monster received preferential treatment in that the bidding process was not opened up to other sites in a fair, competitive process. The 3 sites are calling for the Government Accountability Office to investigate the contract.

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