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August 7, 2007 / Toby Dayton

Alternative Advertising Continues To Gain Momentum

As much attention as has been paid to how fast web advertising has been growing, alternative advertising has been growing at comparable or even higher rates. The trend has been fueled by advertisers’ desire to achieve a more tangible ROI and more reliable metrics that traditional media have struggled to deliver relative to newer media platforms and vehicles. In a study by Magna Global, a sister company of Universal McCann, Brian Wieser projected that alternative advertising, which includes emerging online  platforms such as social networks, video, and search, as well as mobile, video games, advanced TV, and digital out-of-home advertising, will grow by 31.7%, more than double the ‘official’ growth rate projected for online advertising this year. Granted, there are some legitimate reasons why the 15% web advertising growth rate may be significantly underestimated, but the fact remains that alternative advertising, in which I’d also include alternative weeklies, has been growing and will continue to grow at a rate exponentially higher than the meager 3% projected for all advertising categories. While traditional areas of the web still attract the spotlight (as well they probably should), new media vehicles, new platforms, improved service delivery, and more compelling value propositions beyond the web are also capturing market share from traditional media as advertisers are getting more and more comfortable with emerging platforms and are making dramatic shifts in their spending.

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