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September 6, 2007 / Toby Dayton

Washington Post Will Be One Of The Winners

In a post last week, I commented on an article that speculated about what major metro daily papers will look like in 2020 and made the remark that a large number of papers will not make it until then, the good ones will barely survive, albeit with vastly different economics, and the great dailies will thrive. As I have argued in the past, the Washington Post will undoubtedly be one of the papers that will thrive. Exhibit AA in the argument supporting that view is the ‘Issue Coverage Tracker,’ a political news widget they announced this week for younger, tech-savvy readers. The widget allows users to customize the political news stories they want to stay abreast of and how those issues and/or candidates are being covered in the media. It is a perfect example of the types of things that daily papers must continue to do to attract and retain an engaged audience of readers and users in a wildly shifting technology landscape.

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