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September 21, 2007 / Toby Dayton

Minneapolis – Best of Show For Business

Minneapolis was recently ranked as the best city in the country for business, according to a recent study by MarketWatch. (Thanks to Gunnar and his blog 1Rainprop for the notice). Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of listening to a presentation by Russ Nelson (Chairman of the Downtown Council and President of Nelson Tietz & Hoye) and Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak on the general health of the city. There was also an update on the Republican National Convention. In listening all 3 speakers, it became very clear that the city and the region are booming (despite having a Governor who obstinately refuses to invest in transportation infrastructure). The highlights of the presentations included the facts that commercial property values have remained very strong, vacancy rates downtown are very low, residential occupancy in the city is growing, and businesses in the region are doing very, very well, continuously adding jobs and fostering economic growth. Equally as important, the retail, restaurant, and cultural sectors downtown continue to thrive and new entrants into the market assure that downtown Minneapolis is and will continue to be a vibrant, exciting, and worthwhile place in which to work, live, eat, and visit. Construction is also underway on the new Twins ballpark and the new Gopher football stadium and both will spur a whole new wave of development in both of those areas of the city. It’s no wonder that MarketWatch ranked Minneapolis #1 in the country for business. Those of us who live here have known it all along.
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