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October 2, 2007 / Toby Dayton

Scott Adams’ Take On The Future Of Daily Newspapers

In his blog Dilbert.Blog, Scott Adams offers his predictions about the future of the daily newspapers. As is the case with a lot of what Adams blogs about, his comments are thoughtful and interesting. I especially agree with him that the future of newspapers will entail a greatly expanded relationship with local bloggers who provide a wide range of content for syndication in the daily newspaper, with the paper providing some level of filtering on topic selection and quality. I also think his prediction about the exact timing of the end of printed newspapers coinciding with the 2nd major upgrade to cell phones following the release of the iPhone is an interesting time horizon to apply to the future of printed newspapers.

While I think it’s safe to say that at least one decent-sized U.S. market will lose its printed daily sometime in the near future (and perhaps even a number of cities), I happen to believe that printed newspapers will, for the most part, be around for a long time. But that’s probably because I am not only a media junkie, but also feel strongly that every citizen of a community bares some responsibility for being connected to, engaged in, and informed about what is happening within that community. And newspapers, despite all of their massive shortcomings, managerial incompetence, and obstinate refusal to adapt to changing times, are still a very effective means for providing that essential exposure.

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