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October 3, 2007 / Toby Dayton

Freaky Aliens Have Kids!

naa-ad-kids.jpgIn the latest installment of the all-time worst ad campaign in the history of marketing, it seems as if the freaky aliens who read daily newspapers apparently also reproduce. Their offspring are even uglier than the adult aliens and, like their parents, are also dependent on NASA garbage circa 1950 for survival. The other shared genetic trait of this strange species is a horrendous fashion sense. Unlike the dad alien that wears a speedskating uniform under his coat and tie, however, the freaky son prefers hideous tie-dyes and Zubaz knickers.

But the best part of the ad is the proposition, attempted to be put forth, that 18-24 year-olds read the paper. They don’t. The average age of a newspaper reader is 55 and rising, which is why the ad doesn’t actually say that demographic reads the newspaper – it says they like ink on paper. Nice grammar, too, by the way- “Study shows…” – is it a study, some studies, all studies, the study, a new study? Apparently the Newspaper Association of America doesn’t even know which study, for when you click on the ad to go to the NAA site for more info, and click on studies/audience data/general audience statistics, you get the following:


If anyone knows which agency created this campaign (or if it was, in fact, done by an outside agency), please let me know.

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