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The LinkUp Blog The Industry's Best-Kept Secret

October 18, 2007 / Toby Dayton

LinkUp Aims To Be The Best Job Site On The Web


Over the past year or so in writing this blog, I’ve tried not to promote our company too heavily, focusing instead on the industry we’re in, the market(s) we serve, the competitors we face, and the evolution of products and services that help connect job seekers and employers. I realize that highlighting the demise of daily newspapers, for example, is still self-serving, but what blog isn’t self-serving in some manner? At any rate, today I’m temporarily abandoning this self-imposed constraint and am going to blatantly promote a JobDig-operated web site that we’ve been working on for over a year called LinkUp.

LinkUp is an online job board that lists only those jobs taken directly from company web sites themselves. The site currently lists roughly 350,000 job openings from 9,000 companies around the country, and we’re adding more jobs and more companies every day. Because the job listings are pulled directly from company web sites and updated regularly, they are often not advertised anywhere else and are always current. When the company takes the position off their site, either because it’s filled or no longer available for whatever reason, it gets taken off of LinkUp. As well, the job postings represent real openings from real companies – there are no fake ads, work-at-home or job scams, or identity theft/phishing expeditions. The site is also free of the clutter associated with listings from 3rd-party sources, staffing companies, headhunters, search firms, etc. The goal of LinkUp, and I think we’re off to a very good start, is to provide a single, convenient, highly functioning site with the largest quantity of the highest quality job listings on the web.

We’re also extremely proud of the search functionality on LinkUp. In addition to the expected ability to search by location, proximity to a location, company name, or key word(s), we’ve integrated some highly sophisticated search functionality into the site. We’ve worked really hard to make sure that search results are extremely accurate and highly relevant to the query. We have built a system that automatically categorizes jobs into a huge number of industries, categories, and sub-categories based upon the information in the recruitment ad. Because this information is gleaned from the job listing on the company’s site itself, and is, as a result, usually more thorough and comprehensive than the abbreviated information contained in paid listings in print or online, the categorization of the job is far more accurate. Job seekers can also choose whether or not the search results are listed by ‘Best Match’ or ‘Most Recent.’

This job categorization system self-improves as more companies and job listings are entered into the system and as more people use the site and conduct searches. An off-shoot of our work on the categorization algorithm, we also publish ‘job clouds’ for 60 industries that display, in real-time, the most frequently-used words in the job listings in those categories. The more frequently used words are displayed in a larger font. While we’re not exactly sure how people will use this, or how useful it might be to jobseekers or employers, it’s kind of interesting to look at the clouds and see the particular results for different industries. (Each word in the cloud is a trigger for a new search query, too, by the way).

When a jobseeker clicks on a specific job within a search result, they are presented with the actual job-listing page from the company’s actual web site. This page is contained within the LinkUp framework so that we can provide additional functionality to the user while they are conducting their search (see image below).


Along with the job listing, we also provide some recommendations and options for a slightly modified search across the top of the job listing. Clicking on a listing also creates a tabbed page so that users can tab between their original search results and the listings they’ve clicked on without having to re-enter the search query. From each job posting, a user can follow whatever specific process each individual employer requires to apply for a particular opening.

In terms of basic functionality for job seekers, LinkUp also offers a free resume-builder with a broad range of features and functionality, job alerts, bookmarking, and saved searches. We’ve also pulled a number of company lists that people might want to reference in their searches such as BusinessWeek’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, CNN Money’s Top 25 Startups to Watch, The Wired 40, and the NetValley Top 100 Computer Companies. We’ll be adding to this list over time, and if anyone has good lists we should include, please leave a comment. We’ve tried to develop a site that is clean, well-designed, intuitive, and free from annoying banners ads, pop-up windows, and clutter that does little but aggravate users. Again, the goal is to provide the best, most user-friendly conduit between job seekers and employers.

For employers, LinkUp allows companies to add their company’s listings to the site, for free, very quickly and easily (unless they’re using PeopleSoft). Once a company is added into LinkUp, the jobs are automatically pulled into the database, and no manual entry of the listings is required. A sponsored search/pay-per-click model allows companies to highlight specific job postings (or all of them if they want) and list their jobs in the Sponsored Listing section at the top of the search results within appropriate search queries. Signing up is easy and a user-friendly interface allows companies to effectively manage advertising campaigns and analyze the click results with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

LinkUp is exhibiting at the ERE conference in Washington, D.C. this week, and if you’re there, stop by and talk to Brad, Molly, or Eric. If you complete a survey at the LinkUp booth, you can enter a drawing with a chance to win an iPhone. If you like the site, please let us know. And if you don’t like it, or have ideas on how we can improve it, please, too, let us know. We’re quite serious about our goal of building the best jobs site on the web, and we want and need all the help we can get.

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