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October 23, 2007 / Toby Dayton

SEO Tip #2 For Corporate Career Sites

document1.jpgOur webmaster, Eric Caron, wrote an excellent white paper for the ERE show we were at last week. The paper provided 10 simple steps to help companies optimize the career section of their company web site for search engines. While these SEO tips are probably common knowledge for some, we discovered last week that many HR professionals are still learning about the concept and the specific tactics that can be utilized to improve a site’s SEO characteristics. As a result, I am republishing the 10 tips here for the next weeek or so.

SEO Tip #2 – Visitors should be able to browse all job openings and get to a specific job in 2 clicks or less

Many career sections require a form to be filled out before jobs can be viewed. Though jobseekers may have little difficulty filling out forms, most search engines have no idea how to complete this task that blocks them from seeing or indexing your jobs. This is why a ‘Browse All Jobs’ link is very important – it helps search engines find and give you credit for all this terrific content (the jobs) on your site. By providing a direct link to a listing of all job openings, you dramatically improve the PageRank of your corporate site which makes it easier for you to generate traffic to it. PageRank is an essential SEO concept that is quite easy to understand. While all search engines have their own unique version of this concept, PageRank is the particular term used by Google.

To quickly explain the concept, think of your homepage as a big smiley face. The bigger the face, the higher the page shows up on search engines. Each page your homepage links to is (just to pick a number since no one outside of Google knows what the exact number actually is) 10% less important than your homepage. Each page those secondary pages link to is 10% less important, and so on. This is what PageRank means and why it is crucial that your pages are quickly accessible to both visitors and search engines. Since PageRank is logarithmic, the ideal career section on a corporate web site allows jobseekers (and search engines) to reach your jobs in as few jumps or clicks as possible.

Like many SEO concepts, what is good for search engine optimization is also good for the usability of your site. A substantial percentage of visitors to the career section on your site aren’t there randomly or just casually browsing jobs that they might be suited for. They’re actively searching for a job with your company. Make it easy for them to get there and allow them to browse all the jobs you have available without forcing them to fill out a form. Not only will your visitors be happy, but your PageRank will climb, too.

Bonus Tip: Jobseekers and search engines alike also get frustrated when the form options on your site do not accurately represent the job openings. For example, if a company only has openings in two states but the form on the career section lists all 50 states, the jobseeker is more likely to leave the site before guessing which state has job the openings.

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