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October 27, 2007 / Toby Dayton

SEO Tip #6 – Use An Applicant Tracking System

From our SEO White Paper:

Tip #6: Each listing should tie directly in to your applicant tracking system (ATS)

Going back to the PageRank concept, the more pages that exist on your website, the greater visibility it will have for search engines. Unfortunately, this is about the only SEO benefit that you would gain by having an ATS tied into your jobs. However, there are tremendous benefits to the jobseeker when your jobs are all connected to a method for receiving applications. Jobseekers find career sections offering online applications to be more trustworthy. They are also more willing to take the time to complete and submit an application, perceiving the company to be more likely to list real jobs that are actively accepting applications. Without an ATS, jobseeker might wonder if the company is still looking for applicants.

If you do not utilize an ATS, perhaps it is time to consider one. There are dozens of capable vendors out there, with solutions for every size company and every size budget. They are typically fast to implement, easy to use, and tie into most existing solutions. And by having your own applicant tracking system, you will also reduce your reliance on the application systems that other job boards force you to use.

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