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October 28, 2007 / Toby Dayton

SEO Tip #7 – Make Pages Printer Friendly

SEO tip # 7 from our white paper on how to improve the search engine optimization of your company’s career section on your corporate web site.

Tip #7 – Make sure each page on your site is print friendly

Make sure that every page in your company’s career section is easy to print, especially each individual job opening. There are huge benefits in doing this, both to jobseekers and search engines. When a website prints out cleanly, not getting chopped up or distorted on the printed page, it’s an excellent sign that the code is well written and search engine friendly. Search engines love big blocks of text and penalize sites when text is choppy and poorly aligned.  Your printed page will give good insight into how the search engine ‘sees’ your website.

Print-friendliness is also an appealing attribute for job seekers who frequently print off the listings in which they’re interested. By putting a bit of one-time effort into the print-version of your website, you can ensure that job seekers are able to cleanly see all the information related to an opening in a reader-friendly manner. Think of this, too, as a good chance to cut back on wasted paper and help the environment. There is no advantage for the printout to be cluttered with big graphics or lots of blocks that are irrelevant to the actual content of the page or the job. It’s frustrating to print a page, expecting 1 page but getting 6 because the page designers forgot to actually test it on a printer. If your layout is less than ideal, have your web staff investigate ‘print css.’ It’s good for your applicants, good for search engines, and good for the environment.

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