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October 31, 2007 / Toby Dayton

SEO Tip #9 – All the job information should be in text, not graphics

From our white paper on helping companies improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) characteristics of their career section within their company’s web site:

SEO Tip #9: All the job information should be in text, not graphics

As a result of either unreasonable deadlines or lack of knowledge, web developers sometimes use a graphic of text rather than actual text. While this may lead to a slightly better looking page (though the difference is often indiscernible), search engines are not capable of interpreting images (yet) and therefore are not finding all the relevant words that you want them to index on your page. If, for example, you have a job title stated in an image, the search engine will have no idea what’s in the picture and will never be able to properly categorize that job or give it proper consideration in search engine results.

To determine if your site is utilizing images instead of real text, right-click on any text in question (which will stand out by having a non-matching or irregular font). If, in the menu that pops up, you see options that say “Save Image”, then the words you are looking at are contained in an image. Change these to real text in order to improve your site’s SEO characteristics.

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