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November 5, 2007 / Toby Dayton

SEO Tip #10 – Frames Are Abysmal

The last tip (actually there will be a bonus tip tomorrow) from our SEO white paper for corporate job boards:

Tip #10: Frames are abysmal

Using frames, a technique involving the splitting the browser window into several independent parts, came into being in the 90’s. It was popular for a short period of time, but even as early as 1996, people started to recognize how cumbersome and clumsy frames can be as a primary method of navigation.

Search engines actually give up when it comes to frames, and typically just ignore the site. They simply cannot send a visitor to such a site in the way the designers meant them to see it, with the navigation pane and the content pane. The search engine will most likely send visitors to the content pane, since the content there is what most likely facilitated the search result with the link to the site. Unfortunately, the content pane alone loses any meaningful navigation with out the corresponding navigation pane, and visitors will probably leave your site altogether almost immediately.

Almost as important in today’s increasingly mobile world with ever-shrinking screens and browsers, mobile browsers do not work with frames. A site using frames will never show up on an Apple iPhone or any other cell phone or other mobile device that has a web browser. Frames also render bookmarks useless, making a return trip to your site less likely.  Printing a page from site utilizing frames is, more often than not, a complete disaster.

So how do you know if your site is using frames? Since it’s not always obvious from simply looking at the site, we developed a slick little app that will tell you if your site is based on frames. Simply copy the URL from one of your jobs and paste it into the form here. Within seconds, our system will tell you whether your website uses frames. If you are not, consider this tip done!

If you are using frames, make it a priority to start talking with the people responsible for your website and begin planning how to remove the dependency on frames. (If you’re looking for some material to prepare you for that meeting, read this and this). Both search engines and jobseekers will greatly appreciate it.

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