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November 9, 2007 / Toby Dayton

Can A Free Weekly Be Considered Art? Stephanie Diamond’s Can.


An artist in Queens, Stephanie Diamond, has created a very unique, highly intriguing work of art modeled after a freely-distributed weekly shopper. The piece, which is essentially a cookbook, is entitled This Is What I Eat and features photographs and recipes submitted by people in and around Corona Plaza, Queens. The project was part of a recent group exhibition at the Queens Museum of Art. The front cover of the newspaper states, “You are reading a work of art.” As Stephanie states on her web site:

“Through recipe sharing, image making, and stories created around the topic of food; this newspaper/cookbook attempts to unite and empower the community through their own words and vision pertaining to food, a “medium” that all people need, understand, can talk about, and love.”

While we would never presume to call our JobDig publications works of art (which says nothing about Stephanie calling her newspaper art – because hers most certainly is and ours most certainly isn’t), we are nevertheless very sincere about our mission to serve our readers and our employer advertisers. We, too, feel that in a small way, we are uniting and empowering people in each community we serve through job opportunities and work, a ‘medium’ that most people need, understand, talk about, and can love (or at least dig).

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