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November 12, 2007 / Toby Dayton

LinkUp: An Employment Search Engine

Thanks to ‘The Chad’ for posting an excerpt from a Financial Times article by Ray Schreyer, head of IBM’s global recruiting initiatives online and a founder of DirectEmployers Association, that highlights the value of employment search engines. The article itself attempts to dispel some of the myths about looking for a job online and in it, Schreyer defines employment search engines as those sites that aggregate jobs taken directly from corporate web sites. As such, LinkUp would most definitely qualify. Schreyer states in the article, “Employment search engines, which aggregate jobs from corporate sites, are invaluable to any job hunt, especially now that jobs are global. Top sites include JobRapido in Europe, Recruit.net in Asia and Jobcentral.org in the US.” I’ll do my best to see if Schreyer would add LinkUp to his rather exclusive list.

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