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November 19, 2007 / Toby Dayton

Yahoo Consortium Keeps Growing; USA Today Cuts Staff; Will Google Enter The ATS Business?

Another flurry of news in the daily newspaper, media, advertising, and talent management spaces:

1) Yahoo added 17 more daily newspapers into its employment classifieds consortium (here)

2) USA Today cut 45 newsroom jobs, despite the fact that it remains one of he few dailies in the country with a growing circulation (here)

3) While on a call today with a technology company in the recruitment advertising/talent management space, this company mentioned that they heard a leak from a decent source that Google was going to be entering the applicant tracking system business at some point in the near future. While rumors surrounding Google’s strategic intentions are as ubiquitous (and worthless) as Paris Hilton gossip, I thought this was somewhat interesting.

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