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December 18, 2007 / Toby Dayton

Two Interesting Stats About The U.S. Workforce

The 2008 HR Trendbook had some interesting articles on a variety of topics, but two statistics caught my attention. The first was that in 2005, Hispanics represented 14% of the U.S. population but 22% of the U.S. Workforce. If trends continue, Hispanics will represent 32% of the population in 2050 and 55% of the U.S. workforce.

The second stat was very puzzling. A SHRM survey of HR managers in March/April of 2007 indicated that an astounding 36% of HR managers are only just now becoming aware of the fact that baby boomers will be retiring in the years ahead, presenting employers with incredible challenges. This is down from 38% of HR managers who were just becoming aware of the phenomena in 2005. So more than a third of HR managers were oblivious to this issue until this year? The issues surrounding retiring baby boomers stand as arguably the most pressing HR issues facing employers, and I find it hard to imagine that so many HR managers are just beginning to recognize the issue.

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