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January 16, 2008 / Toby Dayton

Apple TV Was Jobs’ Big Splash Yesterday at MacWorld

Despite what some critics are sure to be saying today about the lack of a big announcement from Steve Jobs at MacWorld, there was some big news. First, the improvements to the iPhone are unbelievable. I’ve already tested the Google Maps stuff and the ability to modify the phone’s homepage icons, etc. With these small but meaningful improvements, a phenomenal product has become even that much better. The release of 3rd party modifications later this year will unleash a whole new wave of innovation.

But the big news yesterday, even considering the new ultra-thin laptop, was the Apple TV. With newly announced movie rentals from iTunes and tweaks to Apple TV that make it possible to connect a TV directly to the web without a computer, there is no doubt that Apple TV will be THE device that finally brings the web into the living room and onto the TV. (I think it already was to some extent, but the need for a computer somewhere in the equation did make it slightly cumbersome).


So Apple TV makes it possible to easily get onto a TV all of the following content: movies & HD movies (rented or bought over the web and including Dolby 5.1), podacsts (video & audio), photos (from iPhoto, .mac or a Flickr account), YouTube videos, purchased TV shows, and music & iTunes libraries. Undoubtedly the list of stuff will grow over time, but it’s already huge as is, and it’s all done with Apple’s famously simple, tremendously user-friendly interface. Some were hoping for a DVD slot in the Apple TV, and I’m sure it will be there eventually, but even without it, Apple TV is going to become the standard for bringing technology into the living room. Looks like prediction #9 is a slam dunk.

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