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January 29, 2008 / Toby Dayton

Standout Jobs Raises $2M; Launches Site Today

Montreal-based Standout Jobs announced that it has raised $2M from INovia Capital and is launching its site today. Standout Jobs helps clients build corporate recruiting sections for their company web site. The service costs $149 per month. The functionality included in the templates (that I assume companies can customize) includes job postings, blogs, photos, employee profiles, a bulletin board, RSS feeds for various streams of content, and corporate videos. The layout looks a lot like NetVibes with various sections of the corporate career site contained in isolated boxes that I assume companies can move around the page and place wherever they want.

It will be interesting to see how Standout Jobs does. They offer an interesting solution to help companies improve their recruiting efforts and the price and apparent structure of their offering certainly create the impression that the business is scalable. The one flaw I found in a very early and cursory look at the site was the fact that their early clients are not including their standout jobs career pages in their company web site. The beta site I looked at was Xobni and on the Xobni corporate site, a homepage link called ‘Jobs’ takes readers to their career section that includes job listings, photos, some links to blogs, etc. Not only is there no link to the Xobni career pages hosted on standoutjobs.com, but I assumed that the Standout Jobs career site for Xobni would actually be served into Xobni’s corporate web site. What company wants to maintain two corporate career sites? Or if one drives the other, then Standout Jobs’ service only applies to companies that have content-rich career sections on their company web site. If either case is true, the business model is seriously flawed. But of course, it could also just be that it’s day 1 and there are some bugs being worked out. We’ll see.

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