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January 30, 2008 / Toby Dayton

Most Corporate Web Sites Don’t Help Companies Fill Open Positions

We just finished a pretty extensive employer survey on a variety of topics. The response was very high, such that I think the findings are a fairly legitimate representation of not only what employers are doing in their recruiting activities, but also the results they are generating from their various strategies and tactics. I’ll be writing about our findings over the next few days, starting today with how companies are leveraging their own company web sites in their recruiting activities.

The employers that we surveyed ranged in size as follows:


One of the questions on the survey was whether or not they posted jobs on a career section on their own company web site. Most did list jobs on their site (88%) and of those that did not, only 1 company had more than 50 employees. The next question then asked what percentage of their jobs were filled through their own company web site. The answers are as follows:


An astounding 29% of respondents had no idea how many jobs were filled from their own company web site. An additional 43% of companies filled less than half of their openings via their own company web site. Only 28% of the employers surveyed filled more than half their jobs via their own company web site.

I am not quite sure how to evaluate the results that companies get from their own company career section (is this consistent with what others have seen in this area?), but I am dumbfounded by the fact that almost a third of the companies that list jobs on their own site have no idea whether or not it’s an effective tactic in their overall recruiting efforts. Equally as amazing, 29% of those companies that weren’t sure how many jobs were filled from their own corporate site are companies with more than 5,000 employees.  So roughly 10% of all survey respondents had  more than 5,000 employees, listed jobs on their company web site, and were clueless as to what this did for them. Wow.

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  1. David Sickmiller / Jan 30 2008 8:14 pm

    I’m curious how “filled from their own company website” was defined. Does that refer to where the candidate first heard of the opening, where the candidate made the decision to apply, or where the candidate submitted the application?

  2. Toby Dayton / Jan 30 2008 8:52 pm

    What we were basically asking is whether or not companies were tracking the sources of where their candidates were coming from. If they have jobs on their company site, and allow candidates to apply online through their site, they should know exactly what percentage of their jobs are filled through their site. It gets a little more complicated if they are advertising beyond their own sites and are directing candidates, through links on those paid ads, to the specific positions on their corporate site. Either way, I am somewhat surprised by how many companies are not sure how effective their corporate career sites are in sourcing candidates and eventually hires.

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