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January 31, 2008 / Toby Dayton

Survey Examines Job Board Usage

Continuing from yesterday’s post, another portion of our recent employer survey examined how companies are using job boards in their recruitment advertising. We asked employers (see yesterday’s post for the data on the mix of employer sizes in the survey) which, if any, of the major job boards they used regularly. If they checked the ‘other’ box, we asked them to list the site(s) they used other than the major 3 job boards.


The results were somewhat interesting, though not completely surprising. The survey indicated that almost half of the companies we surveyed, regardless of their size, used either all 3 major job boards (Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs) on a regular basis (28%), or all 3 and other sites as well (21%). While we didn’t ask for the reasons behind their selections, I think it’s safe to assume that companies use all 3+ job boards for one or more of the following reasons:

1 . They get adequate results from all the boards they use

2. They cannot sufficiently differentiate between the major job boards

3. They have no clue which boards are generating what type of candidate flow

4. Hiring managers are risk averse and, as they used to say about placing help-wanted ads in the daily paper, no one ever got fired for placing an ad on one of the big 3 boards

Another 22% of the companies used 2 job boards for their online recruitment advertising. Of the companies that used only a single major job board (8%), Monster came in slightly ahead of CareerBuilder, and no one used HotJobs by itself. 8% of the companies did not use any job boards in their online recruiting, and 13% did not use any of the major 3 job boards at all.


Of the companies that checked the ‘other’ box, the most popular site was Craigslist, followed by niche sites that were evenly split between geographic/local/regional sites and industry-specific vertical sites. Of the industry-specific, vertical sites listed, Dice and Casino Careers were the most frequently cited.

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