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February 4, 2008 / Toby Dayton

E*Trade Wins Awards For Best Superbowl Ad

Like every other blog on the web, I’ll weigh in with my picks for the best ads from yesterday’s Superbowl. (By the way, the Giants had no business winning that game and New York sports fans are the worst in the world. Having gone to school in New York, I can sympathize with my sister-in-law (from Boston) who watched the game in NYC with a bunch of recently converted Jets fans who, in the last month, shockingly, swore allegiance to the Giants and vehemently claim they’ve always been Giants fans – there’s nothing worse than New York sports fans who switch teams like underwear in the post-season). Anyway, the best 3 ads yesterday were…

5. Cars.com (the Circle of Death one)

4. Tide’s talking stain commercial

3. Coca-Coal – Thanksgiving Parade balloons fighting for a coke

2. Bud Light – Will Ferrell

1. E*Trade baby ads (both)

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  1. Erica DeWolf / Feb 8 2008 1:50 am

    There were some great commercials this year, but no incredible, lmao ones. I really think marketers are beginning to recognize that the superbowl is not the ideal advertising medium. I predict a decreasing level of creativity in SuperBowl commercials in the future, as the creative marketers are concentrating on forms of new media.

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