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March 25, 2008 / Toby Dayton

Media Market Share; XM and Sirius; Thanks To Two Pioneers

There Is No Positive Alpha In Daily Newspaper Stocks

Shocking that a recent post on seekingalpha.com shows how poorly daily newspapers fared in maintaining, let alone growing, their market share in 2007. Of the 17 media companies examined, the 3 worst performers were New York Times, McClatchy, and Gannett. Also not surprising was the fact that Google crushed everyone else in grabbing the most market share during the year.

Justice Department Clears XM/Sirius Merger

While a merger between the two satellite radio companies, which would make absolutely perfect sense and would definitely serve the interest of consumers, has a lot more hurdles to clear, a big one was cleared when the Justice Department ruled that the combined company would not dampen competition. Let’s hope the hacks in Washington and the FCC finally see the logical merit of this transaction and step aside to let it happen.

Thanks to Guy Kawasaki for including Diggings as one of the 40 best blogs in the Career category on Alltop, his new web content aggregation company.

Also, thanks to John Sumser for his post about JobDig and Jobing on Recruiting.com. I appreciate the kind words and support for our business.

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