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April 30, 2008 / Toby Dayton

JobDig Hosts Jason Alba For A Discussion Of Social Media

We were very pleased to be able to host a ‘sold-out’ event for HR professionals and recruiters on Monday night featuring Jason Alba. For those who may not be familiar with Jason, he is the founder and CEO of JibberJobber, a ‘reverse applicant tracking system (ATS)’ for jobseekers. He is also a highly regarded commentor on social media and its impact on recruiting and author of ‘I’m on LinkedIn – Now What?’ and ‘I’m On Facebook – Now What?’ He also has his own blog (jasonalba.com) and a few websites such as Linkedinhelp.com.

Jason gave an excellent presentation on social media and how corporate and independent recruiters can leverage these new technologies in their work. The advice Jason gives is both straightforward and practical. And unlike a number of people I’ve heard discuss these topics, the expectations he sets for how much time they take to learn and maintain, as well as what these tools can do for recruiters are reasonable and realistic. Jason also has a terrific, somewhat wry and self-deprecating sense of humor that makes him highly entertaining to listen to.

Many thanks are owed to Paul Debettignies (aka the MN Headhunter) and Nicole St. Martin (HR Search Marketing) for their flawless execution in organizing the event.

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