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May 28, 2008 / Toby Dayton

Monster Founder Jeff Taylor Wants Even More Newspaper Revenue

Jeff Taylor, not satisfied with having dealt just one body-blow to the daily newspaper industry in the form of Monster.com, wants to land another in the form of Tributes.com. With $4.3M in seed funding from the Wall Street Journal, Tributes.com aims to bring the obituary page and all the revenue it generates to the web (yes, of course the dailies charge per line for obituaries). The new site is a spin-off from Eons.com, Taylor’s last venture which is a social network for baby-boomers. Tributes.com currently sends visitors to the obituaries section of Eons, but the site will operate on a stand-alone basis in June. I certainly applaud the effort to strip every possible nickel away from the dailies, but I cannot imagine that Tributes.com can succeed in any meaningful way as a stand-alone company.

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