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June 19, 2008 / Toby Dayton

Traditional Media Beats Digital Media On Key Metric

As detailed in a new study by Yankelovich in association with Sequent Partners, traditional media delivers a significantly more positive impression on consumers than digital media. The study, entitled “When Advertising Works” was released yesterday and tested people’s reactions to various advertisements across 16 media channels. The traditional media, which included TV, billboards, magazines, newspapers, radio, and movie theater ads, generated a positive response from 56% of the survey respondents as compared to only 31% from digital media. 13% of survey respondents reported a negative reaction to the traditional media versus a 21% negative response to the digital media ads. As to the reasons behind the findings, J. Walker Smith, president at the Yankelovich Monitor division of Yankelovich in Atlanta explained,

“A principal reason for those results was that for ads that made an impression, consumers using traditional media were in a more positive mood and more likely to be interested in entertainment and relaxation. By comparison, consumers using digital media were more likely to be in busy moods, seeking control or solving a problem and they were more likely to be by themselves. In contrast, traditional media are often watched, listened to or read by people in groups.”

Smith further explained that consumers are not as accustomed to seeing ads in digital media and may not be as receptive yet to those advertisements. Whatever the reasons for the findings, the study should serve as a shot in the arm to everyone who naively lumps all traditional media together and/or dismisses the value that those media channels still deliver.

As the New York Times story reported, Smith is a strong advocate of multi-faceted marketing campaigns that take a multichannel, multimedia approach. He recommends that the best strategy for marketers is to combine both digital and traditional media, leveraging the best aspects and attributes of each.

I couldn’t agree more.