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July 2, 2008 / Toby Dayton

LinkUp’s June Job Report Shows Surprising Strength

At least according to data provided by LinkUp.com, the nation’s job market might not be as bad as many people perceive it to be or as bad as other data sources might indicate. LinkUp released its monthly jobs report for June, and the number of new job openings rose by 16% in June while the number of total jobs listed duing the month rose by 11%. LinkUp data shows the number of jobs listed directly on corporate web sites and reports both the number of new, unique jobs posted as well as the total number of jobs posted during the month.

In June, company web sites listed a total of 991,804 unique jobs, up 11% from the total in May. Of those listings, 706,111 were new job jobs, up 16% from 610,390 new jobs posted in May. More states did report a decline in total jobs (9) than was the case in May (6), with South Carolina reporting the largest decrease in total jobs listed (20%). Arizona reported the largest increase in both total jobs listed (33%) and new jobs listed (48%).

LinkUp.com aggregates job listings that employers post on their own corporate web site. These job listings or openings are often not advertised anywhere else on the web or in print. As well, the aggregated data, pulled from  8,463 companies of all sizes and in all industries throughout the U.S., does not include any duplicate job listings. But while the data presents a high-quality, unique, and relevant snapshot of the nation’s employment picture, it is not meant to represent the exact number of job openings in any given state. The vast majority of companies in the U.S. do not list their job openings on their company web site, if they even have a corporate web site, and LinkUp is still accumulating data from new companies being included in the data set.

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