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August 11, 2008 / Toby Dayton

Doesn’t George Bush Have a Job?

Long after every other major world leader has left Beijing following the jaw-dropping opening ceremonies, George Bush has apparently decided to stick around to cheer on the American athletes. He was spotted at the gym during the U.S.-China basketball game and then at the pool to see the United States’ stunning upset of the French in the 4×100 freestyle relay. Great stuff, but doesn’t Bush have a job? It’s getting a little embarrassing that he’s still there so long after every other major world leader has gone back to work. I have yet to see another head of state at any of the events, and even Sarkozy decided he had better things to do than hang around to watch his gold-medal-favored swimmers Sunday. The show of support is great, but maybe it’s time for the President to get back to work.