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August 21, 2008 / Toby Dayton

NBC’s Jeff Zucker on Predicting The Future Of Media

Once again, I’ve voraciously made my way through yet another excellent issue of Portfolio Magazine. This cross between Vanity Fair and the Wall Street Journal is always interesting, always informative, and always entertaining. In the September issue, there are two articles of particular note. The first is on Jeff Zucker and his tenure at the helm of NBC. The second article provides a range of ideas on how to save network TV. They are both well worth the read.

At any rate, the Zucker article describes the media mogul’s unique frankness in openly describing the fears, challenges, risks, and uncertainties he and his peers face in navigating through the drastically altered, constantly shifting media and technology landscape. Zucker states, “I would rather be honest about the realities of this business, whereas so many people want to just sweep that under the rug and perpetuate what has been. Look, we don’t know what’s gonna work. Predicting what the media world is gonna look like in 8 years is incredibly daunting. I defy anybody to do that.”