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September 22, 2008 / Toby Dayton

LinkUp Releases New Jobs Widget – Win A Free DVD!

LinkUp, arguably the best national jobs site on the web today, has released a widget that allows any blogger (or any site for that matter) to publish jobs on their blog or web site. The widget is available here, and can be customized to publish only those jobs that the hosting site wants to publish (i.e., marketing jobs in San Francisco). (scroll down on this blog to see what the widget looks like…). Customization is achieved by selecting from any of the following criteria: key word, location, specific company name(s), and category or vertical industry. LinkUp also allows people to set the pixel dimensions of the widget through sliding bars for widget height and width (one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen for making widgets). Once the customization aspects have been set, code is generated for that specific widget to copy into the blog or web site. It couldn’t be any easier.

Eventually, we will begin paying affiliate sites a share of the click revenue that they generate on the job listings that employers are running paid-search campaigns on. And while I would certainly not pretend that the widget is going to provide anyone with a massive flow of cash, we hope that affiliate sites benefit from delivering a stream of very specialized, high-quality job listings that match the exact content of their blog or site.

For a limited time, I will send a free DVD of the movie Sweet Land to anyone that publishes the widget on their site. Just send me an email at diggings@jobdig.com once you have the widget loaded onto your site with the details of where I can send the DVD.

About LinkUp…

LinkUp’s mission is really quite simple – to build the largest, highest-quality, most searchable, relevant, and user-friendly database of jobs anywhere on the web. We do this by aggregating job listings that employers post on their own corporate web site. These job listings, pulled from roughly 10,000 U.S. companies, are often not advertised anywhere else on the web or in print and do not include any duplicate job listings. LinkUp does not publish any job listings from 3rd party intermediaries such as staffing companies, search firms, or headhunters and we’ve very intentionally kept the site free from annoying advertising.

Perhaps most importantly, the jobs are always current because they are removed from LinkUp whenever the employer removes them from their own corporate web site. LinkUp does not allow people to publish jobs directly on the site itself so there is absolutely no risk of identity theft and there are no work-at-home scams like you’d find on many job boards around the web today. Because the listings are often two-pages in length, with excellent information to search on, the search results users get from LinkUp are absolutely unparalleled. And finally, there are a ton of innovative features (tabbed browsing, for example) that allow LinkUp to deliver a highly unique, extremely user-friendly experience. It is, simply, the best national job board on the web today.