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October 14, 2008 / Toby Dayton

September Job Growth On LinkUp Spans Almost Every Vertical

As reported last week, September’s results for LinkUp.com run highly contrary to the dismal job market indicated by the recent data from the Department of Labor. LinkUp, which aggregates and publishes only jobs pulled directly from company web sites, showed a substantial gain in both new and total jobs listed. Despite the fact that the number of company web sites is growing every month, the data and the table below only factor in those companies that were in the database as of August 1st (8,321 companies).

(If the chart below is too small to read, hit the Cntl button and the + button (on a PC) at the same time or the Command/Apple button and the + (on a Mac) to enlarge your browser window…)

Surprisingly, both new and total job listings from the 8,321 companies grew by over 70,000 jobs, and increase encompassed virtually every single vertical category. Technology jobs showed the largest increase by quantity, while restaurant and food service jobs showed the largest percentage increase. Other significant increase included jobs in engineering, aerospace, banking, sales, and retail.

LinkUp.com aggregates job listings that employers post on their own corporate web site. These job listings or openings are often not advertised anywhere else on the web or in print. As well, the aggregated data does not include any duplicate job listings. But while the data presents a high-quality, unique, and relevant snapshot of the nation’s employment picture, it is not meant to represent the exact number of job openings in any given state. The vast majority of companies in the U.S. do not list their job openings on their company web site, if they even have a corporate web site, so the data set is most likely skewed towards larger companies.

At any rate, the results for September are interesting, if for no other reason than the glaring contradiction to the Department of Labor data. It’s just another reason why LinkUp is the best site on the web to look for real, available, unadvertised jobs from real companies.