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December 3, 2008 / Toby Dayton

November Jobs Data By State From LinkUp.com

After fixing two significant problems with our data (normalizing the data to account for a constantly growing database of companies and not counting duplicate jobs that companies re-post to their corporate web site every day with new URLs), we have finally generated an accurate, insightful report that provides a completely unique snapshot of the U.S. job market. The table below lists the number of new and total job listings, by state, found on 11,463 employer web sites from around the country.

Only 18 states showed an increase in new jobs, with Maine, Alaska, and Oklahoma showing the biggest increases and 20 states had an increase in the total number of job openings. Not surprisingly, 30 states saw the number of new job listings decrease from October while 29 states experienced a decrease in the number of total job listings. Indiana, Connecticut, and Tennessee were the hardest hit in both categories. In total, the number of new job listings on company sites dropped 5% from 1.2 million to 1.14 million, while the number of total job listings dropped 4% from 1.5 million to 1.44 million.

The data is generated from LinkUp.com, a job board that aggregates individual job postings pulled directly from company web sites such as Target, Apple, or Google. Because the job listings come directly and solely from the career sections of corporate and employer web sites, the jobs are real, current, and often unadvertised anywhere else on the web. LinkUp’s job postings also contain no duplicate listings for the same job because they are only sourced from a single site – the actual employer posting the job opening.

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