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January 5, 2009 / Toby Dayton

LinkUp’s December Jobs Report Is Grim; Delaware and Maryland Show Strength

Surprising no one, LinkUp’s December jobs report, released this morning, shows further deterioration in the U.S. job market. In fact, the data was abysmal, with the total number of job listings from company web sites dropping from 929,000 in November to 777,000 in December, a decline of 16%. LinkUp aggregates and publishes only job listings that are pulled directly from company web sites (12,364 company sites in December), meaning that the job listings, which are updated daily, represent real openings from real companies, with no duplicate listings, no job scams, and no 3rd party postings from staffing companies, recruiters, or head hunters.

New jobs posted during the month fell from 730,000 in November to 647,000 in December, a decline of 12%. 9 states showed an increase in the number of new jobs posted, with the largest increase occurring in Maryland (the largest percentage increase occurred in Delaware). Only 3 states showed an increase in the number of total job listings.

In terms of states that experienced declines in the number of new job postings, Kansas, North Carolina, and Minnesota dropped by the largest percentages, while California, Texas, and Massachusetts saw the largest declines in actual new job postings.

LinkUp will release its December jobs data by industry tomorrow.


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