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January 6, 2009 / Toby Dayton

Banking & Financial Jobs Up In December According to LinkUp (Maybe That TARP Money Is Doing Something)

Surprisingly (or maybe not considering the TARP money pouring into the banks), one of the few bright spots in the labor market in December was the Banking & Financial Services industry, at least according to figures released yesterday by LinkUp.com. For the month, new job listings in the Banking & Financial Services sector rose by 9,904 or 29%, while total job listings rose by 4,910 or 10%. In both absolute and percentage terms, Banking & Financial Services was 1 of only 4 industries to see an increase in new job listings, and 1 of only 2 to see an increase in total job listings for the month.

Other industries that saw modest gains in either new listings or total listings included Non-profit, Restaurant & Food Service, and Healthcare.

Among the industries that experienced declines in new and total job listings (and there were plenty), Technology and Internet, Engineering & Architecture, Oil-Gas-Utilities, and Automotive fared the worst.

All in all, it was another grim month for the U.S. jobs market. As was the case with the broader declines in the global capital markets over the past few months, there’s just no place to hide in the current labor market declines.

LinkUp aggregates and publishes only job listings that are pulled directly from company web sites (12,364 company sites in December), meaning that the job listings, which are updated daily, represent real openings from real companies, with no duplicate listings, no job scams, and no 3rd party postings from staffing companies, recruiters, or head hunters.