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January 13, 2009 / Toby Dayton

GlassDoor Gets A Nice Write-up in Portfolio

Glassdoor received a nice review in the February issue of Portfolio (unquestionably the best business magazine on the newsstand today). In ‘Best of Times,’ Kevin Maney explores the impact of the current recession on the prospects for start-ups in Silicon Valley. As evidence that good companies can succeed in any environment, and particularly in tough times given the dearth of competition and the abundance of cheap talent, not to mention all the excess office equipment available for pennies on the dollar, the article cites Glassdoor’s recent raise of $6.5M from Sutter Hill Ventures.

I’d firmly echo Maney’s conclusion that a challenging economy presents an ideal opportunity for solid companies with a strong value proposition, not only for the reasons cited above but also because of the discipline, focus, and tenaciousness that is required. If companies can sell and grow in this environment, they will thrive in the better days ahead.