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February 19, 2009 / Toby Dayton

Who Has The Best Ideas For Saving The Dailies?

The pace of stories about appearing everywhere about the death of the dailies is reaching a fevered pitch, and everyone, it seems, has an opinion about what will and will not work to save the newspapers from an inevitable demise. The following are just a sample of the deluge of stories over the past few weeks about what will certainly be a major theme in 2009 (even more so than in 2008…).

Time thinks that micropayments are the answer

Portfolio’s Felix Salmon says they aren’t

Slate thinks that newspapers should declare themselves religions and reap the tax benefits

• Maybe the future of printed journalism lies in customized, printed blog posts

• Can Google save the dailies by “merging without merging?’

• No matter what the answer is, at least the New York Times is furiously and intelligently attacking the problem

• And maybe the end of printed dailies is not as devastating an outcome as most (including me) think. Seth Godin, for one, doesn’t seem to be too nervous about it.